Restaurant Wehlmuschel


Dear Guest,

All our dishes are also our favourites, freshly prepared with mainly local ingredients.

Take some time, relax and enjoy what we are offering. If you do not agree with some of our dished please let us know straight away.

We look forward to some culinary moments.

Yours,  Mario Lucia


 Our Menu  (März - November 2019) 



Garlic and Herb ciabatta

side salad mixed salad, tomato, cucumber, balsamico

Tomato soup with baguette 



Our homemade pasta for you                                                                                                                        

Spaghetti aglio e oilo with "Grana Padano"

Tagliatelle herbal pesto with grilled anti pasti

Fusilli with fruity tomato sauce 

Spaghetti Bolognese Meat sauce (pork and beef) vegetable & tomato

Rigatoni e Gorgonzola alla chef

Wehlmuschel (shell shaped pasta) with carbonara Sauce 


Our Special

Boletus mushroom pasta & truffle oil poletus mushrooms, cream & truffle oil

Chili Rigatoni with Goulash mixed from beef and pork, vegetables, chili

Spaghetti king prawn grilled vegetables, 3 king prawns, garlic, chili    

Caprese with tomato, mozzarella cheese, basil & oil                                                               


 (each portion is served with Grana Padano cheese, ages 12 years)


Stone oven Pizza

Margherita  tomato sauce | Mozzarella | basil 

Salami  tomato sauce | Mozzarella | Salami | Pesto 

Serrano ham tomato sauce | Mozzarella | Serrano 

Seafood Pizza tomato sauce | Mozzarella | mussels, tiger prawns, octopus | garlic 


special main course

Black Pasta Burger, black Burger bun, grilled beef, Tomato , gherkins

homemade BBQ Sauce, cheese, Spaghetti, pesto of your choice

Grilled salmon, grilled vegetables, Tagliatelle and homemade tomato sauce                                                                    



Wehlmuschel (shell shaped pasta) with tomato sauce

Fusilli Bolognese

Rigatoni fried Wurst and tomato sauce, cheese

Spaghetti with herbal pesto and cheese



Crème brûlée, homemade | peach ice cream

Tiramisu (homemade) 

Kalter Hund,  butter cookies and rum soaked chocolate | raspberry sorbet 

Spaghetti ice cream with strawberry sauce and white chocolate