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  • Königstein Fortress

    01824 Königstein, Germany .


    The Fortress is a unique monument to the art of European fortress construction and one of the most important landmarks in county Saxony. Its 750 years' history have made it an impressive configuration of late Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and 19th century architecture. Guided tours inviting adults and kids, discovering more than 50 historical buildings, green areas and exhibitions. It offers accommodation and hosts private events.

    01824 Königstein

    Opening times: 9am to 5pm/6pm, Tel. +49 35021 64607


    Myth and tale parks

    While exploring the gardens of the fortress you’ll be discovering many imaginative stone sculptures which present legendary characters and story from different nations.

    A children petting zoo and historical workshop will end the tour

    Gohrischer Str. 20, 01824 Königstein

    Opening times: Easter to October from Wednesday to Sunday and Bank holidays 10am – 6pm

    Tel. +49 35021 59831


  • Miniaturpark "Kleine Sächsische Schweiz"

    Schustergasse 8, 01829 Wehlen, Germany .


    The only one of its kind in Europe – the miniature landscape of Bohemian-Saxonian Switzerland has been reproduced true-to-form from original Elbe sandstone. In the park you can experience the most famous rock formations, miniature castles, moving models of historical vehicles, miniature mountain railway, souvenir production, demonstration workshop and cinema. For young and old – this is an excursion for the entire family that’s always worth it.

    Tel. +49 35024 70631

    Opening times: 1st April to 6th November from 10am to 6pm


  • Pasta Lucia Nudelmanufaktur

    Markt 9 .


    Homemade production of pasta in a variety of shapes and unique flavours.

    Tel. 035024 129719





  • Bastei

    Lohmen .

    Oldest and most famous tourist attraction in Saxon Switzerland

    The view across the Elbe valley to the table mountains of Saxon Switzerland is well known all the way to the neighboring landscape of the Lusatian highlands and the Eastern Ore Mountains. At a distance of 130 m and a height of 194 m above the Elbe mirror, the viewer on the sandstone plateau has an unforgettable view. the bastion area with several views is freely accessible all year round. The existing sandstone bridge was built in 1851. It has a length of 76.50 m and spans the 40 m deep gorge with 7 arches.


  • Bonbon Manufaktur Meister Karamellus

    Markt 6, Stadt Wehlen, Germany .

    A true paradise for those with a sweet tooth and sweet tooth - this is how you can call our dreamy town of Wehlen in the picturesque Saxon Switzerland, in the middle of the national park and directly on the Elbe. If you take your steps to the small market with a church, colorful houses with decorative facades and pretty shops,

    It comes across the Eldorado of sweets right next to the bubbling sandstone fountain - our candy manufacturer Meister Karamellus! Our candy maker is a small, colorful shop. We surprise with sweet creations, unknown flavors, handcrafted demonstrations and all sorts of things to try, marvel at and take away.

    The nostalgic sweets and hand-made sweets are prepared in the old tradition and are 100% handmade. We delight the hearts of the little ones with our candy specialties and make the big ones again amazed children, promised!

    "You don't get fresh sweets every day?

    But with us! "